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For the last few weeks I've been having muscle spasms and "pins and needles" feelings throughout my body, but especially legs/feet and arms.

I know these symptoms from the past and took corrective action- increase Vitamin D (since I'm normally deficient in that and COVID hasn't helped), increasing magnesium and potassium.

Those helped a tiny but bit what really made a huge difference this weekend is having a ton of salt. And by ton, I mean several teaspoons worth of salt.


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Sodium is probably the mineral that I ignore most, usually just adding a small bit but it's ultimately needed as a transport for muscles and nerve function. When on keto, I my body doesn't hold onto sodium a lot, so I need to supplement a great deal. I even filled a little shot glass with about a teaspoon of large grain pink salt that I'd grab a few grains every so often and ate that over the weekend.

Far fewer symptoms now.

A good reminder that keto, for me, requires diligence.

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may I ask you why are you on a keto diet ?

Isn't it a bit too extreme ?

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I mean as far as I know, the keto diet is used by people who want to achieve some result very fast

The price is the strain on the organism

That's why usually people do relatively short periods of keto

I was wondering what result are you pursuing

I tend to worry about the strain, that's all

In fact...


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I have the opposite problem

I was diagnosed with a bit of water retention and the salt in my diet was curtailed

for unrelated health conditions I have to monitor my kidneys and I have a clear indication to not underdo with carbs, because of that

So your experience sounded as unusual to me

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