Well. It had the word 'Guile' in it...
Highly automated digital audio workstation extensible in Guile
guile, lisp, scheme... all the same to me, so I thought of you! :-)


This actually looks super cool!

Checking out the Guile modules in their source repository, and it's good code. I mean, they tend to re-invent the wheel a lot, but overall I can't complain!

@gemlog @MutoShack


too bad I don't even know what a audio station exactly is 👀

Just a computer configured for, and perhaps dedicated to, manipulating audio. Cut, copy, paste, filter, shred, modify...


@gemlog @MutoShack

I wonder who's using this ?

Also, who are its authors ?

@gemlog @MutoShack

I'm sorry, I can't bring myself to express enthusiasm, these days


@AbbieNormal @gemlog

It looks like it's in an early, not-so-stable state right now, so I don't know if any professionals are using it.

The team looks pretty small right now, with the main dev being Alex Theodotou:

I don't know if it handles recording, but for audio/music mixing and editing, it looks nice and intuitive.

I *usually* tend to stay away from new, shiny projects like this though. I don't want to end up with "Bad GAS"!


But I made an exception, cause the Guile extensibility is really interesting (I wish Ardour never switched to Lua!)

Do you know this person? Example Ardour Session: "Learning Ardour"
Many videos and not only with ardour. @unfa @AbbieNormal

@gemlog @MutoShack @AbbieNormal That person is me, BTW. Not sure if it was obvious or not. (If yes - sorry).


Thanks! You're pretty awesome, of course you probably already knew that!

Not much of an EDM guy, but I know a talented artist when I hear one. Fantastic work!

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