I'm mumbling about distributing a blog through

I'd publish the id of a folder conatining my blog

How crazy is that ?

@AbbieNormal wouldn't stuff other people put in the folder sync back to you?


not necessarily

I folder can be "send receive"

or it can be "send only"



Would you go through the hassle of installing Syncthing in order to read It ?

@AbbieNormal I dunno, I feel like there's a lot of trust involved in automatically downloading files from someone else's computer onto mine


I hadn't considered this aspect

Probably it'd be better using ipfs

At least you could access my blog through a http(s) gateway

Would you do that ?

@AbbieNormal I'm probably the wrong person to ask, since I don't really follow any specific blogs anywhere, but if there's a need to do it peer to peer that sounds like a good solution

@AbbieNormal - It's certainly interesting. It will be even crazier if it could have had discovery service. Then you don't even need to publish the directory id anywhere.



I wouldn't know where to start 🙁

Would you install Syncthing in order to read a blog ?

@AbbieNormal - For testing purposes yes certainly.
I like the idea especially for the future time that giant tech companies censor stuff.
Reality speaking, we are still very far from it, thanks to Free/Open source community that made free alternative for whatever those companies are offering. However, it's a good thing to keep in mind out of the box solutions IMO. Who knows maybe tomorrow they come up with another absurd idea like DRM for HTTP protocol or something like that.

@AbbieNormal - Bear in mind though using any less mainstream approach significantly slows down readers reach out.
So my recommendation is if you care about the reaching to more people reading your materials better publish them in a blog form hosted anywhere (even GitHub, GitLab, etc.). Alternatively you can even submit HTML file to and get a public link in case you don't want to get involve with hosting. But again the reach out would be very low.

@AbbieNormal - Also using platform like Syncthing can potentially be a slippery slope that some people may abuse the system and distribute copyrighted or illegal materials.

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