In the REPL, you can type

scheme@(guile-user)> (help car)

and get help about a procedure called "car"

BUT if you wrap the 'car' in quotation marks, like this

scheme@(guile-user)> (help "car")

You get documentation about 3 different procedures that have the fragment "car" in their name

Could you find any hint of this experience in the manual ?

I never did

Ah it's here

In "Programming in Scheme -> Using Guile Interactively -> REPL Commands -> Help commands"

While "Running Guile Interactively" is in

"Hello Guile! -> Running Guile interactively"

why are these 2 parts broken up ?

How does this make any sense ?

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To me it doesn't

Anyway the assumption is you need to read the manual COMPLETELY before being able to use Guile

It's made for a specific cognitive style

This is a stallmanism

The GNU culture is bred with failure

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@AbbieNormal also, the commands in the “Help commands” section of the manual are the ones that start with a comma, like ,statistics or ,compile.


Ah right

So th emanual doesn't cover this "help" procedure whatsoever 😕

What about the "pk" procedure ?! A must have to debug rapidly

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