fuck it.

we should get together and just...

Do The LISP Operating System

maybe i should look into convening a small online conference or workshop of a few of us, so we can sit down and discuss a roadmap of what we might need to do in order to get from here to where we want to be

any suggestions? tips? is this something that seems interesting to anyone?

should we call a meeting?
@vidak Doesn't #GUIX come close to being a LISP OS? Or are we also looking to make sawfish and stumpwm the standard window managers and replace /bin/sh and bash with a Common LISP REPL?
@demifiend yeah, GUIX does come close, but i am proposing something rather radical: an operating system that is virtually completely written in a LISP.

LISP operating systems also only possess single address space, and, strictly, don't have anything like a 'kernel'.

this document is of particular inspiration to me:


i imagine, and dream of leaving UNIX behind, one day, hopefully
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