This time in Squeak 4.6, released in July, 2015 (4.0 was released in March, 2010). It’s 32-bit, so I had a bunch of libraries to install into a container before I could get this going.

And another, this time in Squeak 3.9, released in Mar, 2008 (3.0 was released in June, 2001). I quite like the Unix-like handles on the corners of the windows, and the same handles for resizing splits.

Once again, now in Squeak 2.8, released in August, 2000 (2.0 was released in May, 1998). Now I know where the assortment of window border colours came from! This seems to be the last version to use the eponymous MVC-based user interface. I love left-hand scrollbars. Morphic is available as a preview. No unit testing classes.



this is moving 😢

Squeak was my first experience with learning/writing code

I made the so called bank Account tutorial in order to learn object orientation

I remember a set of objects that had a visual representation, they could be manipulated visually with the mouse

Later I was hired as a java dev and I grokked object orientation becaise I has played with Squeak !
Jeez !

A whole life !!


@AbbieNormal I can think of few better introductions to programming! Squeak is still in development. 😉

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