would you please help me to make this circulate ?

@ekaitz_zarraga is offering a course

It costs 100 euro

It's meant to be custom and somewhat personal

It'd be in English but help in Spanish would available

It needs a few more people to break even (or maybe a bit more)

I' d love to take this course

Please help me find someone

@AbbieNormal @ekaitz_zarraga hi! I'm... not quite sure what help are you asking for, but I've boosted your toot, and if you have any questions about Python, feel free to ask me 🙂

@bugaevc @ekaitz_zarraga

boosting is the help I was asking for !

I assume your followership is relevant to my research !

Also thanks for your offer about Python help ! 🙏

@AbbieNormal may be worth adding the link to their original toot too!

@AbbieNormal @cwebber @MutoShack @dthompson @ekaitz_zarraga maybe you can try to advertise this on, I think it should be legit but I am not 100% sure

@AbbieNormal è una community che frequento, secondo me molto carina. Qui un'intervista che fa capire lo spirito del progetto

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