Some year ago I saw a site where you could insert the measurements of your body parts (forearms, thighs, etc) and it calculated the proportions of the bike for you

proportions different from the ones indicated could give you problems such as forearms tingling and more

forearms tingling is exactly what i experience on my bike

how do I find that site again

also, is that knowledge contained in that site only ?

Can I get there without that site ?

@AbbieNormal It's not the site you're looking for, but there's a lot of resources in the end of this page:
Hope it helps!

@AbbieNormal @renatolond

This is probably more complicated than what you want, but I believe Bike CAD can do that:

@AbbieNormal I think I know which site you mean, but I can't find it either so maybe it has vanished. Good news is that bike fitting and sizing is not a black art, bad news is that it might take a little time to really dial in your bike.

This article is pretty sensible, (and Sheldon Brown is all sense.)

Most important is to get the frame size correct, so you get your seat and legs in best possible position, then adjust handlebars. (1/2)

@AbbieNormal (2/2) If you have shorter or longer arms than "normal" (I have slightly short upper arms apparently), you might need to get a different size and/or angle stem to find a good handlebar position. I suffer from tingling hands a lot, but shorter stem, softer handlebar tape and padded gloves help me a lot. Also stretching, changing hand positions, trying to stay relaxed... etc.

@AbbieNormal boosting this via @mastobikes - maybe someone in that group can help.

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