is compiling thread safe ?

Can I start 2 threads compiling a project ?

@AbbieNormal You mean, can you run e.g. `make -j 9`?

I would be disappointed if that isn't what guile does when compiling itself.


No, I am wondering if I can compile a project programmatically in a multithreaded fashion

as for make -j n I know about that

but I' m not sure if I can do the same, in my code

@spectrumgomas @AbbieNormal Isn't that just concurrency on one core, rather than parallelism that can spread over several?

@clacke @AbbieNormal I don't know, but by example here says: a lightweight threading facility supporting I/O concurrency and MULTICORE parallelism

@clacke @spectrumgomas

no, it' s nor. You can pass the #:parallel keyword in spawning a new finer and it will explicitly run on a kernel thread

If you have cores available, it will run on a different core

@AbbieNormal @spectrumgomas Cool. And… makes it sound like (make-thread) and (begin-thread) create threads that run on POSIX threads. I did not know that Guile was one of the few Schemes that does actual real threads.
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