thank you for this post

I didn' t lknow about btrfs and zfs, that's very interesting

Also, I' m in the process of getting my feet wet with Racket in these days

Emacs, Git and Guix are definitively for programmers and your non programmer friends are gonna hate you for those suggestions

Even some programmers are gonna hate you for those suggestions

I enjoyed the post nonetheless ! 😄


Thanks, glad you like it!

The admitted goal of the article is to raise the bar, hence the recommendations with a somewhat steep learning curve.


Regarding Emacs: you might be surprised, I've actually got a couple of non-programmer friends to use it. With minimal configuration (e.g. CUA bindings), it gets the job done.

Git: There is Git Kraken and it does an amazing job, some non-programmer friends have no problem using it. I didn't mention it in the article since it's non-free.

Guix: It mostly needs an easy-to-use interface for package management, then anyone can use it. I'd like to work on it in the months to come.


good luck !

As for GitKraken ; i have taken a look at it these days

You should have mentioned it !

When there' s no valid free alternative, then I think we can mention proprietary software

@ambrevar @AbbieNormal i’m a non-programmer who uses emacs. just for writing and org mode mainly.

guix doesn’t seem v interested in becoming usable to non-experts tho, right? from what i cd tell. but mayb you’re proving me wrong here :)

@mousebot @AbbieNormal While Guix is currently not very accessible to non-experts, I intend to
work on graphical user interfaces to help alleviating this issue.
Hopefully Guix will be as straightforward to use as any other
familiar distribution!

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