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But it will also guarantee that the reactions will be of a higher quality

Repeating over and over that the problem of floss is money without acting won't help

Gamifying the software production process is a silly idea

The problem doesn't need more tech

It needs people to step out of their comfort zones

@AbbieNormal I don't see how providing a way to expose what a feature request or bug fix might cost, and allowing users who care about it to contribute money towards covering that cost (assuming they don't have the skills to do it themselves and submit a patch), has anything to do with ...
> Gamifying the software production process

@Wolf480pl @bhaugen @rysiek @sullybiker


@strypey @Wolf480pl@niu.moe @bhaugen @rysiek @sullybiker

Maybe you're right

That could help

Bring it on !

I for one would like to raise money to provide Guile with a debugger

The one it has is broken

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