I agree that estimates are weak, but I can think of two possibilities that might also work: one is the devs set a price, and the other that the users set a bounty. Each has pluses and minuses. The big plus is "all within the same environment, not a separate site".

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Those are all interesting ideas but they are a bit more complicated than what I proposed

I proposed to sell the access to the issue tracker. That's all

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Software production is craftsmanship

What's needed to achieve targets is not measurable.

And it's not a given that users know what they want, or that they share the vision with the devs

I wouldn't overcomplicate because then implementation gets more difficult and you run into overlaps with uman issues (differences in vision, motivation)

> And it's not a given that users know what they want

Users are the *only* people who know what they want from software. That's why #agile practices that involve end users in the design of user-facing software produced better software, faster, and cheaper, than waterfall methods. They won't always share their needs with the developer, true, but that's all the more reason not to put a paywall between them and the place they can do so.
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Visionary devs could come up with visions that users only understand after having experienced that

Corporate sw and free sw don't need to be the same thing

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