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how do we deal with people who have been brainwashed ?

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In the REPL, you can type

scheme@(guile-user)> (help car)

and get help about a procedure called "car"

BUT if you wrap the 'car' in quotation marks, like this

scheme@(guile-user)> (help "car")

You get documentation about 3 different procedures that have the fragment "car" in their name

Could you find any hint of this experience in the manual ?

I never did

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“Smart Kids Eventually Grow Up” by Valerie Valdes.

A bit about how we became reliant on praise as children which eventually sabotaged us. I’m not sure I’m 100% with this but I think there is good to be found here.

Thank you @zigg

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Ich war ja noch nicht so oft an der Ostsee. Als Teenie einmal in einer Ferienfreizeit. Und dann erst wieder im letzten Jahr.

Mir kam die Ostsee immer ein bisschen so vor wie die kleine, sehr brave Schwester der Nordsee. Oder anders ausgedrückt: Wenn die Nordsee die Pipi Langstrumpf ist, dann verkörpert die Annika die Ostsee.

Aber heute war die Ostsee dann mal ein bisschen rebellischer. Hatte sogar ein paar Tropfen Gischt abbekommen. ;-)

I whish I could move to Tryton but I haven't got enough spoons to lobby my employer

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With the method no. 3 you DO NOT inherit the methods defined on the entity you're extending, you only inherit its fields (they are automagically mirrored in a table in postgres)

So between yesterday and today I attempted to extend a thing called res.partner with the method no. 3

res.partner is humongous, it's ridiculos, I should reproduce it, it's insane

So I gave up and moved to method no. 1

So my comment on this is:

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Odoo has several inheritance methods

In one method, you edit an aspect and your aspect ends up integrated into the main entity

In another method, you copy the whole thing and you edit the copy, sort of a prototypish thing

In another method, you actually extend a thing and a new table will be automatically created and connected through a relation(ship ?) with the entity you're extending

How developer-friendly is Meson? I'm merging three repositories into one and their respective Meson machinery, and it's going well, the error messages make it obvious when I forgot to cut&paste something, and it's... oddly pleasant.

I've never had the feeling of "pleasant" with autotools when doing this.

This is very specific but I'm wondering if anyone here knows any resources for trans people in Croatia? I'm trying to put someone there who has very transphobic parents in touch with some support. :boosts_ok:

I absolutely LOVE this Brian Eno quote a friend posted on FB

it should be clear by now

I LOVE natural landscapes

But I'm usually not impressed by architecture (even if historically significant or otherwise remarkable)

Gestern bin ich zu einer der kleinen Kapellen im Kaisestuhl gefahren und konnte bei einem schönen Sonnenuntergang zusehen, wie unser Wein wächst und gedeiht. Dieses Jahr könnte der Herbst wieder was werden 😊
Kommt gut in den Sonntag und genießt die Sonne 🔆

#freiburg #kaiserstuhl
#sonnenuntergang #wolken #abend #sonnenstrahlen #weinreben #landschaft #fotografie

#sunset #clouds #cloudporn #sunbeam #evening #landscape #vineyard #photography

#mastoart #fineart #pixelfed #mastodon

@MissNati @Cedara Na weil ihr es seid, gibt es jetzt den landenden Raben zum retröoten ;)

Dear #Fediverse

We need #Volunteers to organize an #Event and #Training for #EU representatives operating the official @EU_Commission accounts.

A month ago the @EDPS started a pilot for #EUVoice and #EUVideo and launched #Mastodon and #Peertube servers.

Many of you interacted, but also observed that communication can be improved. Less :birdsite: birdsite crossposting, more #accessibilty + image #captions. Knowing the culture, #fediquette and learn to love 💖 our fedi.

I haven't got enough spoons to try to understand how Plan9 and Inferno differ from traditional Unix

And for running The Hurd in a vm, to try to understand what it is

and for rump kernels and nukernels

I'm too old and my spoons are running tight

for the first time in my life, I added a folder to 3 nodes, rather than just 2

2 laptops and one phone

The GUI is lagging in some cases but overall, it's great

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