I learned that the Gnutls founder would have liked to begin a GPL enforcement action in Germany but that wasn't possible because he had given the rights to the Free Software Foundation and they had already enough to chew.

So what is meaningful is not only the license a project is released under, but also who owns the rights on such project

The more I learn about this stuff the more complicated it gets

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@aral You are supposing only way to make apps is the browser... That's a hardcore assumption imo.

I've been thinking similarly for a while but nowadays I try to avoid making web based stuff.

In my opinion the problem is the modern web's architecture and our stupid tendency to make stuff on top of it.

Why not come back to the standalone desktop/mobile app era?

"If a user feels stupid, the programmer has failed."

It seems I got going

I would like to verify if it's actually working, so if there's anyone out there ready to help me, I'd like to post the gnunet url of a file I published and see if you can actually fetch it

A hacker is building a tool to create and manage (build, test, distribute) Guile based projects

Because incredibly, there's no such tool yet

I'm trying to help him with some tests here and there



CMS vulnerabilities:
Imperva counted 542 vulnerabilities in WordPress in 2018, while 98% of these vulnerabilities were related to WP plugins.

That's why we use and recommend static websites. There is no CMS, no PHP, no database, no injections, no XSS–and static content is faster than most WP blogs even when WP uses cache proxies and other "tricks".

We updated our short Hugo article: infosec-handbook.eu/blog/stati

#hugo #website #security #infosec #cybersecurity #wordpress #vulnerability

Only 2 days left to get Conservancy to their fundraising goal and they're SO CLOSE sfconservancy.org/

Is there a guide to dealing with psychopaths in open source communities?

the world needs money

Not only to produce code

Also for conferences, evangelization, enforcement

Maybe Taler could help ?

Graphite looks interesting.

'Graphite allows you to create, communicate, and share without giving up your privacy.'


I was really sceptical at first but "No Feeling Is Final" is actually a great podcast about mental health problems.
Honor Eastly describes the journey with the voice in her head and through australias mental health system, aided by snippets from her audio diary.
Would recommend it to people struggeling with their demons but also people who maybe want to better understand their loved ones.


The greeter offers a list of sessions you can get:

Gnome, Gnome on Wayland and some others

How does that menu get populated ?

How does the greeter know which sessions are available on the system ?



"So, HTML5 was a game changer.

The Web stopped to be an HyperText medium serving people.

It became a marketing platform serving personal data collection."


when I tried installing on Fedora I had to set SElinux into permissive mode and I was literally bombed with notifications from the Guix activity

Would the experience on be better ?

Ubuntu has , hasn't it ?

How would that fare with Guix ?

Americans are happier in states that spend more on libraries, parks and highways | EurekAlert! Science News

#Social/Behavioral_Science #Arts/Culture #Quality_of Life #Behavior #Personality/Attitude #Perception/Awareness #Stress/Anxiety

Is there a tiny, essential, dry, Javascript free framework ?

I'd like to use it for my personal blog

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