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“Smart Kids Eventually Grow Up” by Valerie Valdes.

A bit about how we became reliant on praise as children which eventually sabotaged us. I’m not sure I’m 100% with this but I think there is good to be found here.

Thank you @zigg

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It's so hard for the government to handle the COVID-19 crisis without accidentally revealing that it's totally possible for the state to improve working people's lives in a dramatic way. Really tough to find solutions that keep a lid on that.

yesterday night for the first time in my life, I updated the OSs of 4 Ubuntu PCs through Landscape

(Landscape is the Canonical solution for managing pools of PCs)

I'm quite satisfied with myself

That shop has 10 PCs and soon it will have several Ubuntu based tablets too

I'm being asked insistently to make some Wacom signature pads under Ubuntu 18. x and I don't know where to start from

swear to god if I ever learn what monads are they better not be functions wrapping functions or some bullshit

Google's interests in our health data should worry us all! We’re working with @accessnow @article19org @derechosdigital @edri @Homo_Digitalis_ @idec @UnwantedWitness to fight their merger with Fitbit.

Join us, sign the petition!


Gli stalinisti di guerrilla radio intervistano un fiero assadista chavista statunitense sul BLM e c'è gente che mi manda pure il link entusiasta.
Mi dimetto da compagno signori, vedetevela voi.

I'll tell you what art is! 

Whenever an artist says "this is art" about their own work.
There is *no* other authority.

Better still: Becoming an artist is as easy as saying "I'm an artist." You don't even have to repeat it three times in front of a mirror at the full moon!

It only takes the guts to say it, mean it and dealing with whatever is thrown at you after it.

I don't undertsand the distinction between Cabal and Stack

should I want to get my feet wet in on 20.04

Hiw do I se up a reasonable env for Haskell ?

Do I need to install anything from apt ?

Can I use the haskell packages available through apt ?

Or not ?

Should I use asdf, ubuntu.make or anything like that ?

this got ridiculous, really

@nolan of course google thinks we shouldn't reduce opportunities fingerprinting :/ atkins' argument is sophistry based on misuse of statistical concepts. you only need 33 bits of address space to *give a unique identifier* to every human being on earth -- and that's not what browser fingerprinting *is,* because those identifiers are not being handed out by an agency that ensures every one will be unique, but rather composed out of specific characteristics *that cluster*. what matters is not the bit length but how likely the traits are to vary per device and per user; installed fonts are a lot more likely to vary than traits that are all usually controlled by a single variable, e.g. the default settings of the web browser the user chose.

consider UUIDs. they are (simplifying here) 128-bit addresses generated at random with no central database to track them (contrast OIDs). 128 bits is more than enough to assign a unique identifier to every atom in the observable universe. it's more than we could ever need for any plausible purpose. the reason we use such a large address space is to *decrease the possibility of collisions occurring by chance,* which can always happen if two conditions are not met: the address space is large enough (pigeonhole problem) and the address space is being assigned in a centralized way that tracks which addresses are available (coordination problem). having 33 bits meets the first condition, but not the second. if we reduced the UUID address space to a mere 33 bits, we'd get a hell of a lot more collisions, and UUIDs would be proportionately less useful, even though we're still talking about numbers larger than the collective human population.

tl;dr: the more collisions, the more tracking data is rendered useless for reliably differentiating individuals. so going from 400 to 40 bits is actually a *huge* and very helpful accomplishment, even if it doesn't completely fix everything.

Blocking bad Instances is an instance that is about harming trans folks under the guise of being about the LGBTQ+ community.

It's not. It's about "gender critical" which is a TERF dog whistle.

null is a function

It's equivalent to "null?" or something

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reading about Haskell

++ is an operator, it's equivalet to "append" in scheme

: (the colon) also is an operator, it's equivalent to cons

is there a resource like "Haskell for schemers" ?

I'd need to learn at least some in order to read Oleg Ksyelov's paper 😕

Boosts appreciated

And in order to have a blog I should pay for the hosting and for a domain name

But I don't navigate in gold exaclty

BUT if I want to use ipfs or DAT or Yggdrasil I have to jump through the loops, as if I had no life

So, you know, many of these discussions about "freedom" use to disregard factual conditions on the ground and this thing is becoming old

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