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how do we deal with people who have been brainwashed ?

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In the REPL, you can type

scheme@(guile-user)> (help car)

and get help about a procedure called "car"

BUT if you wrap the 'car' in quotation marks, like this

scheme@(guile-user)> (help "car")

You get documentation about 3 different procedures that have the fragment "car" in their name

Could you find any hint of this experience in the manual ?

I never did

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“Smart Kids Eventually Grow Up” by Valerie Valdes.

A bit about how we became reliant on praise as children which eventually sabotaged us. I’m not sure I’m 100% with this but I think there is good to be found here.

Thank you @zigg

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Ok, keep hearing the “working from home is damaging town centre economies because people aren’t doing things like buying lunch”.

It’s bullshit.

I live in one of those town centres. I work in the next one over. For the first time in my adult life these places feel alive.

The cafés have been filled with local people getting lunch who would normally commute to the city.

The towns and villages are fine, we are decentralising the cities.

Sea urchins like to pick up shells and rocks and wear them as "hats"; the reason isn't well-understood, but it may protect them from predators or help weigh them down so they're less likely to be washed away during storms. So some aquarists have taken to making tiny hats for their sea urchins, which the urchins voluntarily pick up and put on:

anyone have recommendations for raspberry-pi-shaped single board computers?

I want to buy more but I'm in a pickle because:

- Rock64 EOLs next year and Armbian no longer has "official" support

- Quartz64 model B is not out yet, and Quartz64 model A software bringup is still ongoing

- Raspberry Pi with mainline Ubuntu is locked to kernel 5.4

Suggestions welcome

در سکوت مدهش جنگل
در غروب ابری ساحل
موج دریا همچونان دیوانه‌ای مصروع
می‌کشد فریاد و سر را می‌زند بر سنگ
مرد تنها، مرد غمگین، مرد دیوانه
با دو چشم مات و اشک‌آلود
می‌کشد از قعر دل فریاد


how hard would it be to have an activitypub node to be used as a client BUT able to "serve" other nodes through the server <-> client protocol rather than an ad hoc client/server one ?

When we used newsgroups, our client was just another node

Running your node would incentivize you to write extensions to, for example, the algorithm that builds your timeline

in 2013 I spent some time in Berlin, Germany

This is a lovely cafe I used to hang out in

It was called "La Cuccuma"

I miss Berlin and this makes me melanconic

I do wonder if our collective disregard for Twitter/FB has limited our thoughts around message display on the Fediverse.

I wouldn't mind an algorithm sorting my display, so long as:

a) I could understand it
b) I could control it
c) I could disable it

I do this with my email all the time through "sort". I sort by date, by sender, by thread, I search by topic, etc.

I'd have no problem if *my own* AP instance learned about me and sorted based on criteria it thought I'd like.

maybe one account on the fediverse should offer not just one couple of inbox/outbox

It shoud offer as many of thos couples as you want

And you could cunltivate dffernet aspects/facets of yourself on each couple

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