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how do we deal with people who have been brainwashed ?

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In the REPL, you can type

scheme@(guile-user)> (help car)

and get help about a procedure called "car"

BUT if you wrap the 'car' in quotation marks, like this

scheme@(guile-user)> (help "car")

You get documentation about 3 different procedures that have the fragment "car" in their name

Could you find any hint of this experience in the manual ?

I never did

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“Smart Kids Eventually Grow Up” by Valerie Valdes.

A bit about how we became reliant on praise as children which eventually sabotaged us. I’m not sure I’m 100% with this but I think there is good to be found here.

Thank you @zigg

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@deusfigendi @Rob_T_Firefly I think there are some podcast hosts/clients that implement, which at least, is a decentralized standard, for example:

I shall term this Cooperative Software.

Key traits:
1. Always source-available.
2. Shared code ownership through an entity, or through
3. Users pay for Membership, which lets them use the software and file issues.
4. Maintainer time is *paid* by users.

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It needs to be easier for users to leave big tech platforms, or to use other tools to interact with their data without leaving entirely.

I don't like peertube

I know, I know

But I don't like that sepia search is worse than youtube and they say "help us, signal things to us"

No, sorry, not enough

And then thy depend on the browser and the swarm the browser partecipates in has to be distinct from a swarm you possibly create with a regular bittorren node

No, sorry

One thing I'm mumbling about, these days, is to try to extract information from the runtime and pass it to an external thing made with d3.js

The goal is to visualize graphs in a way similar to what happend on the GUI of

That would be a piece of the IDE Guile is missing

Too bad learning is a full time job itself 😕

I need to take t easy on drinking coffee because of my esophageal reflux

beng old is awful 😔

A butterfly in Battery Park. Manhattan. I took this photo on the morning of June 21, 2019, with my BlackBerry Classic phone camera. I was in Battery Park to see a military flyover of NYC, which came into view a minute or two after I captured the butterfly.

Read the story behind the photo:

#nyc #manhattan #batterypark #butterfly #flowers #leaves #summer #shotonblackberry #blackberryclassic #thenewleafjournal #newleafjournal

I've used #Ubuntu since 2006 – with #Gnome 2 – and I loved Gnome 3 from the first time I used it. Not sure when that was, but I've always found it so much better than anything else. Every time I've tried something else, I've missed it and gone back.

After so many years of getting so much joy out of Gnome, and after trying quite a few times, I've finally found a way to donate from Norway:

You should toss a few coins their way also, if they've made your life better too

I'm listening to a review of the Turkish press on a radio station and I'm wondering ?

Are there any Turkish activists who use Briar ?

Or Signal ?

Or any not mainstream messaging solution ?

How much is the IT world supporting/hampering the struggles for freedom ?

@cwebber @pukkamustard

and when/if any Spritely inspired code will ever be availble for Guile, I could try to explore that too

Ok I think that's all for now, thanks for coming to my (TED ?) talk

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@cwebber @pukkamustard

But anyway, in the future I could try to ecplore some more pieces by @pukkamustard and maybe understand a bit more about this whole issue of giving actual ownership of data to indivduals, not governments and corporations

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@cwebber @pukkamustard

This style of writing is so entrenched in this community it's a bit discouraging, I don't know how to deal with that, if not by talking about this

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@cwebber @pukkamustard

Also I struggled with the $XDG... stuff as ot's needed to run services in Guix environments and that's takes as granted too in the blog post I read


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@cwebber @pukkamustard

There are a lot of more pieces released by @pukkamustard that I haven't explored yet

because in the meantime life got in the way

I was hired, and other things

I struggled to understand the whole thing of login or not login shells and how they are managed in the terminal app I have on my Ubuntu desktop, as the Guix documentation gives the whole thing as granted, along the lines of giving the "GNU system" as granted


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@cwebber @pukkamustard

grassroots projects desperately need technical writing from a set of point of views and starting points


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