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I'd LOVE to participate to some FLOSS-like project that collects data and stores them in a properly structured form

Maybe as triples

But in a programmatic way

does such a thing exist ?

what solution is available for making phone calls securely ?

Like skype but really private

I' m pondering to try to install Guix again, this time alongside Ubuntu and have a dual boot setup

but that' s dreadful too

How do I do that ?

i wonder if there' s any FLOSS project related to this

I only saw data collection about software packages

And Wikidata

I fell in love with this job opening

I' m not even sure I understand what it says completely

for example: what is "supervised and/or unsupervised knowledge discovery and classification" ?

As for classification, I know about clustering.

But discovery ?

By the way, I feel that integrating data flows into unified structured knowledge bases is my thing

ClassyShark3xodus finds a tracker in itself

1 trackers = 136 Classes

296 tested signatures on 7284 classes




what is that ?

Is it a service similar to Mozilla to draw insights from the data about the usage of fdroid ?

there' s an Emacs 25 in


AND in


what' s the difference ?

I don' t remember: how do I set the dark theme on the desktop ?

how should I proceed in order to install on Ubuntu 18.04.02 ?

With the ubuntu PPA or with the script that they let you download and run ?

I found a Twitter account by a far right winger parroting Russian talking po'nts

Lagers in Libia don't exist, NGOs, newspapers, tv, they're all propaganda machines

And the such

All in Italian

Is there anything I can do ?

Can I signal a whole account for Russian influence ?

I' d love to contribute to one of those open source intelligence initiatives, like Cremlin Watch

But I don' t know where to start from, really

I could use some suggestions about how to create a brand new Facebook account

There's this group devoted the refugees LGBT issues

As a first step to get acquainted to see if we could collaborate, they suggested me to join a Facebook group they have

I erased my Facebook account some time ago

So I should create a new one probably with a false name and an email address made on purpose

Is there any specific thing I should consider in creating such new account ?


Is there anything I should know about the instance ?

I run into several hateful bigots hosted there

How does reporting work on the fediverse exactly ?

What is happening to Woody Allen is unfair

He was acquitted in the only case against him and his accuser even reconsidered the episode (she's in her 40ies now) and no other woman accused him and he worked with many

Weisenstein was accused by hundreds of women

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