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THREAD: Every time I ask for help there's 10 more I don't say a peep about. This is a time that I can't see a resolution without the help of my friends & Fedi peeps... :blobcatcry: Show more

If the argument for art13 is to save google and twitter, frankly I'm not interested

I think we'd be better off without Google and twitter. And linkedin, instagram and a few more

Are there any more substantial arguments ?

A quick look at the #PantherX Desktop: Here we've got the Menu with global search that can dig into PDF's and other documents, Hub with all online accounts and recent messages and of course System - at the top, right - with clear connection information; supporting all modern standards, including special cases such as OpenVPN with stunnel.

My biggest regret is dropping out of high school when I was 15.

I learned how to code in my early 20s to stay out of trouble and it worked.

I used to dream of working on a project like pixelfed.

Never give up on your dreams!

are there any interesting chat rooms available on ?

proposing to substitute Telegram to the local tech folks has been a complete failure

The paranoid one made it fail spectacularly and now they are patting my shoulder throwing around the idea that Tox could be better

Usability matters

Guile debugger doesn't work, because the vm doesn't support debugging

I wonder: should VMs be publicly funded and languages on top of them be separate projects/efforts ?

Like, should Guile be ported on top of the GraalVM ?

Shouldn't it ?
Because of the license ?

Should we have a GPL VM ?

Are VMs infrastructure ?

I can't sleep

update on

It works now

both from the phone and from the desktop

I eliminated one of the partecipants

without him, everything works

when I invite him, everything stops working 🤷‍♂️

I can manage to have an encrypted room only with the phone

on the desktop, with both and , there's no way

the same happens with Gajim

maybe one of te partecipants is on an incompatible server (

I created a group with then I joined it from too

But from Dino it can't send encrypted messages and one of the partecipants isn't shown

it seems that Dino can't send OMEMO encrypted messages to a channel

Conversations can

I lost my previous account

Can anyone suggest me a client that can help me select a server to create a new account onto ?

someone sent me a pdf file in an attachment in an email

Gmail says the file in encrypted and can't be scanned

I download it, open it and it's perfectly readable

is this a scare tactic lie when emails come from an email provider they don't like ?

what we'd need is someting along the lines of BUT and encrypted

is that even possible ?

Show more is one server in the network