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Recently I saw someone mentioning a book about how in the future the protocols are gonna be more relevant than the code

I think it was about the Twitter announcement about a new protocol

I' d like to find it again

Because it came to me that it could be relevant also for LSP and that other protocol that the NeoVim people are working on

will the future twitter invented protocol draw from xmpp or activitypub ?

In both cases, Guile has solid facilities to process both json and xml

I' m joking, of course 😁

@tindall @adasauce Pretty much what happened to Ruby and Python software packaging when early adopters got assimilated by PHP and Java refugees using MacOS—a system with functional command line but no functional package management—as a daily driver. That's when we got gems, pip, #npmgate, and curl | sudo sh.


you' re going to do a video in a while, are you ?

How do I connect ?

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Is there a solution to produce the tiles from/for openstreetmap on your local pc instead of downloading them from a server ?

I mean a desktop dedicate solution.

It could download the data like Josm does

Or it could read one of the file based dumps

I'm gonna keep posting this until one of you fucking boosts it

my mother used this proverb: Those who have tongue can reach Sardinia"


those who have tongue will travel to Sardinia


will end up in Sardinia

Sardinia is an island and although a big one, it has historically suffered with difficult connections, both by air and by sea

The proverb means that by talking with people you can reach far away places and difficult ones

I came to the cinema on my own

To watch the Woody Allen's mobile

I have a soft spot for Timothee Chalamet❤️

it' s a beautiful day

There are about 13 degrees and it's sunny, crisp and bright

Home it' s a bit cold. I wish a part of this sun could enter my home and heat it a bit

Instead I' ll go to the cafe on the corner and have a cappuccino

It took me years to understand this

Because the manual doesn't provide a single example of basic usage patterns

I was confused by all the options available

The manuals shouldn't cover features

They should cover use cases

But that 's a lost battle

I had an epiphany related to Guile, yesterday

It autocompiles files when you load/use them and puts the compiled files in a deeply buried folder in a hidden root in your home folder

That's because you are supposed to use Guile that way

The building and testing based on the autotools or anything else is for the cases when your package has to be insalled in system location or it has to wrap C libraries

But those are _optional_ concerns

In the base case you're not supposed to use build systems

I am tempted to do an open video conference session (what songs have called "office hours") for an AMA or my #OSMF candidacy. Would people be interested to dial in and chat?

Another video of me speaking has gone up today! 8 Unbelievable Things You Never Knew About Tracking at ffconf. I felt really lucky to be invited to such a (deservedly) legendary event so tried to cover all the things I always want to say to other devs:

growing up is realising all your personality traits are symptoms of various mental illnesses

Let's say that I have to set up about 15 Ubuntu based desktop workstations

Is there a solution for automated provisioning such desktops ?

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